Operators in C

Operators :-
                          An Operator is a symbol used to indicate a specific Operation on the data items stored in variables( called as Operands ) .
eg.  Add(Plus) Operator '+' , we are much familiar with this operator . As we know Add operator is used to ADD the value of two operands .
Here I want to give One more deffination Expression .
Expression :-
                         An expression is a combination of Operands and Operators . 
eg.  Sum = A + 5 
          Here  Sum , A , 5 are Operands and   =   ,  +  are operators .
We also need to know about expressions that 
A signed or un-signed Constant or Variable is an expression .
An expression connected from an operator to a variable or constant is also an expression.
Two expression connected from an operator is also an expression .
Two operator cannot occur in continuation .

C provide a wide range of Operators , we can categories them as .
Arithmetic Operator .
Relational Operator .
Logical Operator .
Assignment Operator .
Unary Operator .
Conditional Operator .
Bit-wise Operator .
Comma Operator .
Let's discuss them in detail.

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